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April to June / September to October :

Monday to Staurday
10am-12.30pm / 2pm-6pm
April-Mai-June-September :
Sunday : 10.30am to 12.30pm

November to March :

10h-12h30 / 14h-17h30

July & August:

7 days a week : 10am to 6.30pm



29770 Audierne

Ouvert du 31/03/2018 au 31/03/2019

Come for a family day out and in our aquariums, discover what lies underwater off Brittany's coast, then sit and be amazed by our seabird show, unlike any other in Brittany.

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Armor Lux - Bonneterie d'Armor

21-23 rue Louison Bobet 29000 Quimper

For over 70 years, Armor Lux has designed and manufactured high-quality clothing. You can visit the workshops and the logistics depot from Monday to Friday (please book in advance).

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Cidrerie Paul Coïc

Kerscouëdic 29710 Plonéis

In the heart of 10 acres of orchards with a dozen apple varieties, Paul Coïc, ever-passionate about his work, invites you to come and visit both the orchards and the production area.

Renseignement et Réservation

Abbaye de Daoulas

21 rue de l'Église 29460 Daoulas

Ouvert du 29/03/2018 au 31/12/2018

The Abbaye de Daoulas is fortunate enough to unite several areas of interest: the charm of the gardens and their botanical diversity, the heritage aspect of the site and the discovery of far-away cultures through exhibitions on cultural diversity. Our 2014 Exhibitions: “People of the Omo. Different? Not really…” from 28th March to 29th June “Others' tastes” from 5th July 2014 to 4th January 2015

Renseignement et Réservation

Château de Kerjean

29440 Saint-Vougay

Ouvert du 28/02/2018 au 06/01/2019

Pass through the powerful ramparts of Kerjean and its impressive archway and you'll discover the Grand Logis, the chapel and the covered walkways of the château. Louis Barbier, the owner, wanted to show his success through a prestigious piece of Renaissance-style architecture. The 2014 Exhibition is 'Gourmets and food-lovers: eating well in the Renaissance'.

Renseignement et Réservation

Biscuiterie du kouign Amann du Pays de Douarnenez

Rond-point de Kerlaz 29100 Kerlaz

Come and discover how the real Kouign Amann of Douarnenez is made. Visits are available during school holidays.

Renseignement et Réservation

Fonds Hélène & Édouard Leclerc pour la Culture

Aux capucins 29800 Landerneau

Ouvert du 01/01/2018 au 31/12/2018

Over 1000m² of exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art. Exhibition 1975-1997 the revolution of comic strips 'Screaming Metal', 'Watch this space' from 15/12 to 11/05/2014. Exhibition on Jean Dubuffet from 22/06 to 2/11/2014.

Renseignement et Réservation

Cidrerie Kerné

Mesmeur 29710 Pouldreuzic

We sell direct to the public and offer free tasting on-site (all year round).

Renseignement et Réservation

Musée de la Préhistoire finistérienne

29760 Penmarch

Ouvert du 11/04/2018 au 28/09/2018

In the heart of Audierne Bay, this museum includes 3 000 archaeological pieces gathered from over 200 different digs. Some 500 000 years of history from the Paleolithic period to the Middle Ages (cut-stone tools, polished axes, ceramics, bronze daggers and swords). Various events, please ask for details.

Renseignement et Réservation

L'Odyssaum, Espace Découverte du Saumon Sauvage

Moulin des princes 56620 Pont-Scorff

Renseignement et Réservation


56620 Pont-Scorff

L’Odyssaum invites you to discover the world of freshwater and rivers through the surprising life of the wild salmon. A show and a visit that will immerse you in the incredible saga of the salmon, a journey of more than 12 000 kilometres from the north Atlantic to its native river!

Renseignement et Réservation

Cidrerie de Tromelin

E.S.A.T Kan Ar Mor 29790 Mahalon

From 15th June to 15th September. Free visits followed by a tasting session.

Renseignement et Réservation

Breizh Panorama

29100 Douarnenez

Ouvert du 01/01/2018 au 31/12/2018

Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly

Base de Sous-Marins 56100 Lorient

Alpagas du Rompay

29710 Gourlizon

Ouvert du 01/01/2018 au 31/12/2018

Domaine de Trévarez

Route de Laz 29520 Saint-Goazec

Ouvert du 21/03/2018 au 06/01/2019

The unmissable Domaine de Trévarez in central Finistère, a recognised 20th century heritage site, was built at the end of the 19th century by James de Kerjégu. A true 'Belle époque' château of pink stone from Kersanton.

Renseignement et Réservation

Distillerie des Menhirs

7, hent Saint Philibert 29700 Plomelin

La Distillerie des Menhirs makes a whisky unlike any other in the world, EDDU with buckwheat.

Renseignement et Réservation

Parc Botanique Ar Paeron

29770 Audierne

Ouvert du 01/04/2018 au 31/08/2018

Le Port-musée

29100 Douarnenez

Ouvert du 10/02/2018 au 04/11/2018

The Port-musée, is a unique museum dedicated to boats and people, from Brittany and elsewhere, an invitation to come and travel through the different maritime different cultures of the world. At the quayside, you can visit the 1500m² permanent exhibition that include some twenty boats, countless marine objects, a space dedicated to the local fish-canning industry plus 1300m² of temporary exhibits. Out on the water, there are, 7 boats on show, and 4 of these are open to visitors: the Dieu Protège sand-transport barge, the Saint Denys steam-powered tugboat, the Roi Gradlon buoy tender and the Anna-Rosa galley ship. In the summer, you and your family can try your hand at maritime skills and know-how by joining some of the many activities on offer at the quayside.

Renseignement et Réservation

Ancienne Abbaye de Landévennec, Musée, Jardin de simples

Place Yann de Landévenneg 29560 Landévennec

Ouvert du 01/03/2018 au 04/11/2018

Visit the ruins of this 5th-century Abbey, the museum that tells the story of the site and the herb garden with its unique collection of medieval plants. In 2014, it's Charlemagne Year - Exhibition on 'Monks and plants from Charlemagne to Anne de Bretagne'.

Renseignement et Réservation

Musée Mémoires 39-45

29217 Plougonvelin

Ouvert du 01/04/2018 au 11/03/2018


Port de Plaisance du Moulin Blanc 29200 Brest

Ouvert du 02/01/2017 au 31/12/2018

A unique place in which to discover more about the oceans! In 2014, we will reach an incredible 10 million visitors!

Renseignement et Réservation

Haliotika - La Cité de la Pêche

29730 Guilvinec

Ouvert du 23/12/2017 au 02/11/2018

Located in the heart of France's top traditional fishing port, HALIOTIKA welcomes you to the fascinating world of offshore fishermen, and offers a range of activities. - Discovery Centre: Young and old alike will experience the daily life of offshore fishermen and follow what happens to the fish, with a new activity for 2014: 'From the Sea to the Plate' (including a children's activity book). - Fish Auction Visit, workshops, unusual visits such as 'shellfish gathering' or 'all aboard a trawler'.

Renseignement et Réservation

Musée de l'Amiral

29710 Pouldreuzic

Ouvert du 09/02/2018 au 06/01/2019

The only one of its kind in Brittany, the Musée de l'Amiral leads you through the magic of the sea. A modern, interactive museum, it reveals the underwater world of thousands of shellfish.

Renseignement et Réservation

Le Sous-Marin Flore, Espace Découverte du Sous-Marin

Rue Roland Morillot 56100 Lorient

Renseignement et Réservation

Abbaye du Relec

Le Relec 29410 Plounéour-Ménez

Ouvert du 02/05/2018 au 02/09/2018

Far from urban life, removed from all human worries, the Abbaye du Relec has been present in the Arrée Mountains since the 12th century. The second Cistercian Abbey to be established in Brittany, it represents Cistercian ideals from that period. Visit the Abbey, the cloister ruins and the gardens. Events for 2014: Exhibitions: -Oh, my word! - from 5th February -The Kitchen Garden from the Middle Ages to the modern day: from 30th May

Renseignement et Réservation

Musée la Maison Hénaff

29710 Pouldreuzic

Ouvert du 03/07/2018 au 15/09/2018

Sales area open all year round. Museum onsite (small entrance fee): Open to visitors on May Bank Holiday weekends and from mid-June to mid-September. Open for group visits all year; please book in advance.

Renseignement et Réservation

Distillerie artisanale du Plessis

69 ter chemin du Quinquis, 29000 Quimper

Visit and free tasting (all year round).

Renseignement et Réservation

Conserverie Artisanale Kerbriant

32 rue Jean Kervoalen 29100 Douarnenez

Selling direct to the public. Free visits, with tasting, June to September and in school holidays at 9.30am and 11am (also afternoons if booked ahead). Group visits all year round.

Renseignement et Réservation

Manoir de Kernault

29300 Mellac

Ouvert du 31/03/2018 au 04/11/2018

The Manoir de Kernault, built in the 15th century, is a remarkable example of the evolution of a rural manor. Here, you can see traces of Gothic architecture, a timbered attic from the 1600s, 18th-century décor in the Great Hall, a private chapel, a fishpond and more. The 2014 Exhibition: 'Word of mouth. Stories to gobble up!'

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Office de Tourisme du Pays de Douarnenez
1 Rue du Docteur Mevel
29100 Douarnenez Bretagne
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